System Bundles – All the performance, with the convenience and cost savings of a completed integrated package specifically designed to do the job

For customers that want the convenience of a pre-configured solution that is installed and running in a short timeframe, Orbital has designed system bundles that match the requirements for customer applications such as earth stations for telemetry, tracking and control, remote sensing solutions for science research and meteorological weather forecasting and monitoring applications.  The typical timeline from initial purchase to an operational system is four months.

Reception loss caused by what is sometimes called a “keyhole effect” is eliminated by the high speed of azimuth rotation in Orbitals’ two axis products. When tracking a near overhead pass the 2.4m through 3.7m products use a predictive motion with a peak azimuth velocity of 60 degrees/sec, and acceleration at up to 60 degrees/sec².  The 1.8m product does these motions at up to 50 degrees/sec.  These very high speeds serve to eliminate loss of signals on a worst case near overhead pass.  The 5.0m and 6.1m positioners utilizes three axis tracking to reduce the worst case maximum tracking velocity requirement for a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to about 7 degrees/sec allowing use at any practical frequency.

System bundles combine Orbitals’ most popular products along with professional installation assistance to provide the highest quality integrated and pre-tested system available at the lowest possible cost.  The bundle installation shares the installation responsibility with the customer who handles foundation construction, running system cables, ordering crane service, handling of crates on installation day, etc.  Full turnkey installation services are available in most countries when utilizing our Certified Resellers or Systems Integrator partners.

EO DB – Earth Observation Direct Broadcast Systems

TT&C – Telemetry, Tracking and Command Systems