Orbital Systems will engineer a custom solution for your application with our standard products.  We can provide custom positioner solutions and also complete system packages including RF and computer components.  Contact us with your custom application requirements for any positioner or system requirement for applications such as:

  • Telemetry, Tracking and Control 
  • RADAR and dual polarimetric applications
  • SARSAT applications
  • UAV and UAS telemetry applications
  • Test Range applications such as camera tracking or telemetry signal tracking
  • High rate reception systems for saved satellite data archives
  • Trailer mounted or mobile systems


2.4RX01-1.8m Elevation-Over-Azimuth RADAR Positioner

2.4RX01-1.8m RADAR Positioner Data Sheet

The 2.4RX01-1.8m radar positioner is designed and built to provide high reliability and to withstand severe environmental conditions.  A high quality, high-precision elevation-over-azimuth radar antenna positioner is suitable for operation in X Band.  Available with customizable mounting options.  Gold-on-gold contact slip rings facilitate unlimited azimuth rotation.  Offers smoothly controlled high speed slewing and precision scanning speeds.  Standard equipment includes internal ACU antenna control unit, AC or DC power, 100BASE-T Ethernet, and a complete tool kit.  The 2.4RX01-1.8m radar positioner is typically used for advanced meteorological and environmental analysis radar applications.


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