Installation Services

Installation service is typically provided by Orbital Systems or one of our certified resellers or systems integrators, and is available for all positioners and antenna systems.  Purchasers of a system bundle bought directly from Orbital Systems are packaged with 3 to 4 days of installation labor.  All methods of installation include some hardware training at installation.  Advanced hardware training for Orbital Systems products is available at the Orbital Systems facility in Irving, Texas, USA.

If you have purchased an EOS-FES from us as part of a package we provide remote integration services to assist with automatic transmission of Level 0 data from our EOS-FES Server to your specific high level processing and analytical systems.   To provide remote support services for a customer account the customer IT network configuration must allow data access for the Orbital Systems remote support tool.

Integration Services

For the operation of high level software processing and interpretation we can introduce you to one of our certified Systems Integrators to deliver a turnkey solution.  Partnering with Orbital Systems the System Integrator packages a complete turnkey solution using their supplied hardware and sophisticated software, Orbital’s antenna system, and a comprehensive training program based on the turnkey components and software.