EOS-FES-HP-Server-Front-150x13-   The Orbital Systems EOS Front End Server (FES) provides all the automation and management tools needed to capture and process remotely sensed earth observation data.  The EOS FES is a complete package preloaded with software, allowing customers to quickly get their EOS DB antenna system up and running.  With the EOS FES every step in the data capture process is user-friendly, automated and reliable, providing critical data 24/7.

To accomplish this task we provide either Hewlett Packard (HP) server equipment, or Orbital Systems dedicated server hardware.  These are the only platforms supported by Orbital Systems for the EOS-FES server.  In addition, the customer may configure the EOS-FES to integrate with their environment, but they may not run other applications or modify the hardware of the EOS-FES.  The annual software maintenance cost of the EOS-FES is low because the software is tested on a very limited number of hardware configurations.  This permits Orbital Systems software engineers to focus on features and functions of the EOS-FES instead of compatibility testing.

The EOS-FES is unlike most server applications because it performs a near realtime function of ingesting satellite data while doing all other tasks.  If additional customer applications were loaded, or unauthorized hardware added, the ingest function may not be capable of keeping up and permanent satellite data loss could result.  Once data files are ingested they are passed on to other customer provided servers for high level processing.  The hardware used for high level processing applications is mainly concerned with speed of results and depth of storage, so these applications are not limited to the hardware constraints mentioned above.

Orbital Systems also supplies high level server processing hardware and/or storage and matching HP server technology will be proposed in order to simplify maintenance.



EOS-FES-Server-Rack-65x1501U Rack Enclosure Half Height Rack packaged with monitor, keyboard, KVM switch, and 5KVA UPS is available as an option.  The rack enclosure provides mounting and secure space for all the indoor equipment in the EOS bundle.  The rack enclosure also provides space and power for additional customer provided high level data product servers and mass historical storage.

The half height rack enclosure also includes a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to power all the indoor equipment and the antenna.

Optional Rack Enclosure Half Height Rack Data Sheet