Ground Station Products
Engineered to Be Intrinsically Reliable and Low-Maintenance

Orbital Systems ground station components are designed and engineered to work together to provide highly reliable, safe and accurate performance over a long lifecycle.  Virtually no maintenance required for 10 years.

System Components

Orbital Systems product focus is on antenna positioners and complete antenna ground systems that are 6.1 meters and smaller.   We have products for applications such as Earth Observation Satellites (EOS) – Direct Broadcast (DB), satellite control Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C), RADAR, UAV/RPV tracking, and Search and Rescue (SARSAT).  All of our products are designed and built to deliver dependable performance over a long lifecycle in harsh environments.

As a specialized technology company, Orbital designs and builds most of the structural components and all machined parts used in our antenna positioners in our own manufacturing facility.  This vertical integration allows us to ensure precise fit and quality construction while minimizing manufacturing costs – translating into unrivaled price/performance value for our customers.

Our systems are designed for fast and easy installation with typical installation complete in 3 or 4 days.  However, should maintenance be required most system components can be replaced without major disassembly, or the need for highly trained labor.  All antenna positioners are supplied with a comprehensive toolkit and documentation to permit full service at any location.

Company Overview Data Sheet 


  • 7.3mAE3BP-7.3m
  • 5.0AE3BP / 5.0m-6.1m
  • 3.0AEBP / 3.0-3.7m
  • 2.4AEBP / 2.4-3.0m
  • 1.8AEHT / 1.5-1.8m
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  • Ka- Band – TT&C
  • Ka-S-Band TT&C
  • X-L- Band – EOS
  • X-S-L- Band – EOS
  • X-S- Band TT&C
  • S- Band – TT&C
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  • High Rate Demodulator
  • Low Rate Demodulator
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EOS Data Capture
and Processing

  • LEO and MEO Satellites
  • 2.4m X-L- Band EOS Reception Bundle
  • EOS Front-End Server
  • Manages Satellite Pass Control
  • Ingest DB Data Through Level 0
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  • Fiber Optic Interface
  • Radome Entry Control Module
  • Dehydrator
  • Master Converter Module
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Partner Products

Pre-configured Antenna Systems

  • EOS-DB Reception Bundle
  • TT&C Antenna Systems
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Professional Installation and Maintenance Services