Customer Service

One of the pillars of our market reputation is our customer service. Click here to send service request via email to one of our engineers or call +1 972-915-3669. Engineers are available 8:00 am to 6:00 p.m. USA Central Time (CST = GMT-6, and CDT = GMT-5).

Remote Support

Remote service is available by appointment only.  To send an email to request a remote appointment, or call +1 972-915-3669.

Our online remote support portal enables us to remotely manage and upgrade your antenna system’s automation and control software when our EOS-FES Front End Server and Demodulators are installed.  This tool requires that the EOS-FES, or a customer’s internal computer that can access the EOS-FES, has outbound access to the Internet on ports 80 (http) and 443 (ssh).  Once connection is established to our remote support portal you will be asked for permission to download a keyboard, mouse and monitor sharing program that allows us to see and control your equipment for updates and diagnostics while you monitor our activity.  If requested in advance, a complete recording of the support session is available and recorded as an encrypted file by the support portal so that all activity during the support session can be reviewed by the customer afterwards.

Service Parts

We maintain a complete inventory of spare parts for all of our Positioners and Direct Broadcast Systems.